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"While the SDSR should create a better balance between ambition and resource, an urgent rethink and simplification of process and bureaucracy is simultaneously  required.''

ed savage, defence acquisition expert, PA consulting group

4D: new perspectives on defence

ISSUE 2 – 2010

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The defence sector is in a period of strategic change. The world is becoming more unstable and the range of threats continues to evolve. While state-on-state conflict seems less likely for many Western governments, current challenges include the use of military effect to support diplomatic efforts to deliver stable
governments in many different parts of the world. Protecting critical national infrastructure (CNI) on home soil has become more important, as has the need to secure natural resources into the future. Despite the increasing threat and these many and somewhat conflicting demands, economic pressures have and will continue to significantly constrain defence budgets.

It has never been more important for those in industry and government to achieve more with less, and reviews around the world, including the UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), are seeking to balance the ambition with available resources.

With change no longer being an option but a necessity, 4D offers new ideas and thinking around the current defence context and challenges. In this issue:

  • Paving the way for effective acquisition reform
    Acquisition reform is high on the agenda for the UK MOD. Ed Savage, PA Consulting Group, takes a closer look at the causes of some of the key challenges and how they may be addressed in future.
  • A new era of cybersecurity
    Public and private sector organisations alike are facing an increasing threat from cyber attack. Bill Windle looks at the nature of the threat, and how it can be better addressed.

  • A short history of defence reviews
    Dr Philip Towle, Reader in International Relations, University of Cambridge, looks at the history and dynamics of previous defence reviews.

  • Achieving greater flexibility through external project managament
    Faced with changing circumstances and a demanding and diverse portfolio of programmes and projects, the UK MOD could benefit from a flexible approach to accessing delivery capability and capacity. Giles Beattie considers how external project management can help.

  • Fighting the sustainability battle
    Jonathan Evans and Andy Doran-Smith consider a new approach to developing a sustainability strategy during a time of ongoing operational and budgetary pressures.

To request a copy of 4D: New perspectives on defence – Issue 2, or to discuss any of the issues and ideas 4D explores, please contact us now.

4D: New perspectives on defence – issue 1.


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Defence and security
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