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2020 - future information technologies in focus

PA Consulting Group, through our Innovation unit' has always looked into the future to explore future technologies and present their potential applications. There are enormous benefits to be gained and for those organisations wishing to innovate and remain competitive, such forward thinking is essential.

In this particular issue we focus on ‘future gazing’ and how organisations can proactively overcome some of the challenges of dealing with the unknown, rather than simply being reactive, to enable them to shape the future. After all, the rapid rate of technology progression, along with the level of commitment required to embrace new technologies, has a long term impact on the organisation’s future.

Future gazing is not an exact science, but it is not necessary for organisations to resort to crystal balls and fortune-tellers. There are robust tools and approaches to demystify the unknowns with sufficient clarity to underpin decision making. We have applied PA’s own future gazing tools and techniques to help us generate the articles in this edition; our FutureWorlds approach offers an extremely focused and practical method of thinking about the future. In this edition we cover the following scenarios:

  • In 2018, ambient intelligence and affective computing work quietly in the background as a class of 16-year-olds discover how the UK’s new hi-tech, intelligent welfare system provides personalised support when and where needed.

  • Five years earlier, in 2013, Sasha de Silva, a global markets regulator, is on the trail of a rogue trader on a highly automated, weather-based futures market. We speculate on issues that algorithmic trading might present in the future, and on how tools such as reality mining might be employed.

  • Fast forward another few years and, in 2015, Mika Hesso, the CEO of NordIQ, looks back at the innovation capability and technologies that have made his organisation a dominant market force, including passive biometrics, reality mining, and prediction markets.

  • Finally we look back on the evolution of grid computing since we covered it in our very first issue back in 2004. It is well over a decade since Sun Microsystems pronounced, “the network is the computer”, and as grids evolve into ‘clouds’, we assess the impact of this technology and its readiness for business prime time.

For a copy of our entire 2020 publication or to speak to a PA expert, please contact us.