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A world first in medical injectors

The SmartJect® autoinjector, developed by PA Consulting Group (PA) for Janssen Research & Development, LLC is the world’s first pre-filled, single use, disposable autoinjector which fully automates the injection cycle. 

The patient or caregiver removes the SmartJect autoinjector from its pack, removes the cap, presses the SmartJect autoinjector against the prepared injection site and presses a button.  Thereafter the injection cycle is completely automatic: the needle is deployed, the drug is injected and the needle retracted.  The patient then properly disposes of the device, having never seen the needle. 

Autoinjectors currently on the market rely on the patient to withdraw the needle from the skin after the injection cycle has finished.

The SmartJect autoinjector is ergonomically designed for use by both patients and their carers. The SmartJect autoinjector is shaped so that it can be easily gripped, and the button is located for optimum self and carer administration. The product is easy and intuitive to use and has a safety feature which prevents actuation unless held against the injection site.

PA conducted multinational user research amongst patients, pharmacists, clinicians and nurses; PA worked with Janssen R&D to match the design to their requirements; then designed and developed the SmartJect autoinjector and its test methods.  PA also helped to develop the SmartJect autoinjector's automated manufacturing equipment.

SmartJect® is a registered trademark of Janssen Biotech, Inc.


To find out more about PA's drug delivery capabilities, please contact us now.

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Janssen Research & Development, LLC

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