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Chris Green, PA expert in public sector ventures

Do you run or are you thinking of running a public service?


The PA-led consortium which delivers the Mutuals Information Service (MIS) on behalf of the Cabinet Office has put together a routemap for mutual and social enterprise advice and funding.The interactive routemap sets out the different sources of advice and funding available to staff, community groups and social entrepreneurs thinking of taking over and running public services independently.

Download the routemap for mutuals and social enterprise advice and funding

This routemap is for you if you’re looking to form – or think you might be interested in forming – an independent, employee-owned business or community organisation that operates with strong social or environmental goals, and provides a ‘public service’ of some kind. This may be in the form of a mutual, of which there are many forms: employee-owned businesses, co-operatives or social enterprises. This routemap is equally for you if you already work for such a business or organisation but want to help it grow.

The routemap is designed to help you decide which support is best for you. It will help you chose your destination, (for example the website or helpline linked to the best suited funding programme), plan your journey and allow you to check you’ve got everything in place in order to have the maximum chance of getting the professional advice and expertise that’s right given your circumstances. 

The MIS consortium comprises the Employee Ownership Association, Co-operatives UK, Social Enterprise UK, Baxendale and the Office for Public Management and is led by PA.  The members of the consortium have extensive expertise in supporting and advising services that are seeking to mutualise.  

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