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We helped Siemens Energy execute a fast, decisive response to change in renewable energy markets

Renewable energy markets are still evolving and often unpredictable. So, to protect profitability, businesses in this sector need to be able to respond decisively to market changes.

Following a steep market decline, Siemens Energy decided to step out of its business supplying technology for solar thermal power. The business was spread across sites in Israel, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, with a dispersed team operating across the different cultures. The transaction finally included closing down production in Israel, returning facilities, sale of assets, disposing of obsolete equipment, reducing headcount, and establishing a retained unit for ongoing customer service – to an ambitious deadline.

We provided the mix of expert advice and hands-on support Siemens needed to get the job done. At all the relevant sites we reviewed facilities and technology to understand the constraints stemming from local legislation and legacy, and establish what the future organisation would need to look like. We also developed a ‘project book’ to outline concepts, approaches, continuous risk management and financial assessments for future decision-making and possible internal audits, compliant to Siemens regulations.

We enabled the closure of the Israel production facility within four months, far faster than the Siemens senior management team had expected. At the end of the project, we left Siemens with the retained organisation and documentation it needed, and a leaner business suited to serve existing customers, and a financial situation that was under control.

“The expertise, flexibility and hands-on support provided by PA Consulting Group was a key contribution to the project’s success. PA Consulting has exceeded our expectations.”
Michael Axmann, Head of Siemens Energy Solar

To find out how PA can deliver projects for optimising global production network, please contact us now.

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