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Integrated LD services can foster independence from an early age – The Borough of Poole

We worked with the Borough of Poole to help identify good practice, service improvements, efficiency savings and to develop an action plan to take their learning disability service forward on a sustainable footing.

With an increasing client population and a responsibility to meet high standards of care within limited budgets, the Borough of Poole needed to find innovative ways of maximising efficiency while improving their offer for their learning disability client population.

Following the successful delivery of a similar piece of work for Older Peoples’ Services in Poole, which has released over £2 million savings to date, the Borough approached PA Consulting (PA) to carry out a review of their learning disability service.

With a focus on maximising the Borough’s team’s strengths and resources, we delivered a report that examined each component of the service and detailed numerous improvement steps and recommendations for implementation. Part of our work included the development of an infographic tool to illustrate the flow of clients through the service. This highlighted the costs associated with clients with different levels of need, helping the team understand where and how to target interventions with clients. By drawing on our rich topical insight, our comprehensive approach and our creativity, we helped the client to understand the challenges faced by their service and the steps required to overcome these in the most beneficial way. Specifically the work evidenced the need for the Borough of Poole to make some organisational and resourcing changes, to ensure service improvements and cost savings are sustainable.

“We wanted to improve the effectiveness of our Community Learning Disability service and deliver more personalised care for our service users, without increasing costs. This meant building on our team’s recent integration with NHS colleagues; ensuring the whole team was confident to respond to demographic changes impacting on the service and; critically evaluating the implications of change on a diverse set of stakeholders including our service users and their families, carers and other council teams.

“PA’s highly experienced consultants quickly established a relationship of trust and confidence with our team. They worked closely with us to understand the key issues and identify possible solutions. They challenged some of our existing assumptions and provided a fresh perspective, delivering a set of practical recommendations, presented in an engaging and innovative way. As a result, we now have a much improved and more integrated strategy for the learning disability service, including better management of the transition between children’s and adult services, which will enhance the independence and quality of care of service users.” 

David Vitty, Head of Adult Social Care Services, Borough of Poole.

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