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Improving customer engagement

Our client, a large global animal health company, wanted to become the “preferred partner” to their veterinary customers and strengthen their European market position. Through a customer satisfaction survey, the company was aware that there were opportunities for improvement in customer engagement which they believed would boost their market position and bring them closer to customers. To understand these opportunity areas in more detail, they launched the customer engagement initiative, engaging PA to conduct a deep dive diagnosis into potential areas for improvement. 

To conduct this detailed analysis, we first analysed existing customer research data, understood market conditions and interviewed senior stakeholders. During this time, local champions in seven European markets were identified to liaise with the core team and set up in-depth country interviews with the field force and customers. We then interviewed these internal staff and customers, conducting over 100 in-depth interviews.  

We identified areas of strength, as well as 18 clear areas of improvement following over 100 in-depth interviews with customers and internal staff from seven European markets. 

Our primary recommendations centered on management of product supply disruptions, clarity on commercial policy, brand reinforcement and business education provision for customers. 

In addition to the focus areas, we provided implementation guidelines on the primary recommendations, which if realized could result in a 4% increase in market share points.


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