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Developing an innovative home energy display device for ONZO

ONZO is a global leader in big data and analytics for utilities. ONZO delivers valuable insight from the analysis of energy use and other data, transforming customer relationships, improving energy efficiency, shifting peak demand, offering new energy services and reducing operational costs.

In 2012, ONZO sold its hardware and digital delivery division to Scottish & Southern Energy.  Prior to this, PA was instrumental in accelerating the development of an innovative home energy display device for ONZO. As a sustainable product development partner, we worked on the energy display device - in effect 'technology in a box' 

The device detects whole house electricity consumption and converts it to a real-time digital display, as well as providing expanded services via the Internet. Studies demonstrate that providing data in this way changes consumer behaviour and reduces energy consumption. 

PA specialises in rapid product development capabilities in handheld consumer electronics, is experienced in low-power electronics and display technologies and fully understands the manufacturing supply chain. Our insight accelerated the development of the display device from initial concept to volume manufacture, enabling ONZO's product to meet core customers' requirement to quickly roll-out the system for UK domestic consumers in such cost- and eco-conscious times.

We worked closely with other ONZO's sustainable product design partners to make the carbon footprint of the device as low as possible through careful selection of components and manufacturing locations and a design based around an end-of-life 'take-back scheme'/recycling. Using full lifecycle analysis to measure and minimise its overall carbon footprint, the product is a leader in its class.

To learn more about PA's environmental sustainability capability, please contact us now.

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Selecting PA helped us to increase investor and client confidence in our ability to deliver a market-leading smart energy product, particularly to an aggressive timeline.

Joel Hagan, CEO of ONZO

Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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