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"PA, working in partnership with Tribal consulting, helped Gwent Police achieve its ambition to provide the public with a better service at a lower cost, while also enhancing the force’s can-do culture."

Neil Amos, PA expert in policing



Putting Gwent Police on track to achieve savings of £9 million over three years

Gwent has over 1500 police officers and a population of 600,000. A 20% cut in government funding meant the police authority needed to transform the way it managed volume crime, such as burglary or car theft. The force asked PA, working in partnership with Tribal consulting, to help it achieve its ambition to provide the public with a better service at a lower cost, while also enhancing the force’s can-do culture.

Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve service

We combined our skills in operational excellence with our experience of working with other forces to create a continuous improvement approach tailored specifically for the police.

We began by working alongside a group of officers and police staff to analyse every stage in the process for dealing with volume crime. This included applying lean methodologies to identify waste and comparing the force’s operations with best practice from other forces and sectors. Over 800 staff were involved in the process to make sure we gathered everyone’s ideas for change.

Within eight weeks, the team had identified potential savings in the force’s volume crime operations of £6.4 million over three years. This represented a return on investment of more than 7:1 in addition to the opportunities to improve service.

Realising savings and performance improvements

Our experts then worked with the force to implement a programme to realise the opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance. This focused on:

  • reducing unnecessary calls to the Force Communications Suite

  • improving the grading of calls and the allocation of resources to incidents

  • making the allocation of roles, responsibilities and resources to volume crime more effective

  • raising quality at every stage of the investigation process to reduce unnecessary handovers

  • making the compilation of crime records more efficient

  • reducing bail and improving bail management.

 We made sure officers and staff who deliver volume crime services were closely involved with the programme, giving them the confidence to implement changes and creating a bedrock of support.

Building a culture of continuous improvement

Right from the start, we built our client’s own capability to make continuous and sustainable improvements to the force’s operations. This included coaching team members, running training sessions for staff and helping some get formal lean qualifications. Throughout the programme, which was owned and led by the force, we showed Gwent Police how to make continuous improvement an integral part of the way the force works.

Delivering measurable results

Six months after our engagement ended, the benefits delivered by the programme had exceeded expectations:

  • savings were on track to be more than £9 million over three years

  • the number of investigation handovers had fallen by 70% and quality was continuing to improve

  • improvements to the volume crime process were delivered alongside increased public satisfaction (up by 5%) and falls in recorded crime.

Gwent Police has launched two further projects focused on other parts of its operations, and staff are sharing their experiences with other forces.


To discuss how we can help your organisation provide a better service at a lower cost, please contact us now.

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