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The value of energy management lies in the integration of ecological, technological and economical interest in carbon management - this project proves that this is achievable.

Jost kamenik, pa EXPERT in green Operations

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Enabling carbon emissions reduction of 200,000 tonnes a year - global manufacturer

Throughout the last decade, global manufacturing industry has invested to optimise its carbon management. Carbon emissions reduction targets calling for a 50 per cent reduction in carbon emissions or 35 per cent reduction in energy consumption are now common.

PA supported a global manufacturing company across their European production sites in analysing their current carbon footprint and developing a carbon reduction strategy. The client's carbon emissions reduction target called for a reduction in emissions through a 20 per cent reduction of energy generation in addition to a 30 per cent reduction of energy consumption by 2020. To achieve this, a carbon reduction of 120,000 t/a from 2020 onwards is necessary.

Integrating ecological, technological and economical interest in carbon management

PA conducted detailed analysis of energy generation, consumption and investment plans across more than 20 sites, covering more than 80 per cent of the company's total emissions. The number and diversity of production sites, different geographic energy markets and regulations posed a challenge, yet, the integrated team identified opportunities for the company to increase the use of renewable energy and provided an assessment of their potential to reduce emissions and meet carbon emissions reduction targets.

Overall, the plans we presented to the company enabled them to reduce their carbon emissions by 200,000 tonnes a year and supported their ambition of becoming an eco-efficient manufacturer.

To find out more about realising the potential of green business through carbon management, please contact us.

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