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Creating a new approach to network provision

Two European mobile operators, with a combined network spend of over €1bn, embarked on a ground-breaking venture to share their networks and seek substantial savings. In a highly competitive market, and with demand for bandwidth growing across Europe, extracting these savings was seen as a critical task to enable the businesses to fund latest technology deployment. Realising that they could help each other while remaining in competition, they signed a landmark comprehensive network sharing agreement.

In practice, the agreement meant sharing over 3,000 towers as well as base-station equipment and network operations throughout the country. To consolidate over 2,500 sites, replace most site equipment and select the right strategic partners to transform the network, PA advised on strategy and ran the sourcing process. Within a timeframe of just five weeks, our team of telecommunications experts and procurement specialists drew up a request for proposal and engaged directly with bidders, working closely with the in-house team to undertake an evaluation of the technical and financial aspects of the transformation.

As a result of our work, the two operators could identify new opportunities in network technology and managed-service delivery. This allowed them to improve services and cut costs by a third without suffering any loss in coverage.

To speak to one of experts about how you can achieve successful network sharing, please contact us now.

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