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AstraZeneca - automating high-throughput inhaler testing

AstraZeneca's existing analytical test automation could not be efficiently upgraded or replicated to meet the future capacity requirements for product testing, so a new system was needed.

PA Consulting Group was initially asked to prepare the User Requirements Specification (URS) for the new system. As part of this task, PA conducted over 50 interviews, with analytical chemists in AstraZeneca who were to be the future users of the system. 

Having agreed the URS, AstraZeneca asked PA to develop the full system.

At PA's technology centre in Cambridge, UK, we used our in-house facilities to develop prototypes, including control software, for the key modules of the new system.

The new machines matched up to the specification, generating test data four times faster than the previous systems.

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Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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