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SaaS brings change to IT

Business & IT lock horns on this building trend

PC Today

Christian Perry

15 September 2011


PA IT expert Larry Scinto discussed how SaaS (software as a service) is changing IT.

Larry noted that SaaS vendors might promise business users and executives a hassle free, complete solution, but these services can present challenges for larger IT departments and global companies that must integrate data, information, and workflows between SaaS applications and other corporate/business applications and processes.

More is required from IT departments after cloud-based software and services are deployed, particularly in the area of training and support.  Larry explained that “there has been a large increase in service desk and service management requirements from SaaS just as with any outsourcing.  This leads to a significant amount of communications and change management required across both business and IT stakeholders, and more training and customer support will be needed as business users seek to tweak and customize SaaS workflows, outputs, reports, and other elements.”

Said Larry: “This will require IT support and education, as traditional SaaS solutions look to provide a standardized set of workflows or outputs. Stakeholder expectations need to be managed to understand that there are flexibility trade-offs with SaaS. Configuration options will not meet all business customization requirements or desires.  This is an important point to take into account when evaluating SaaS opportunities. Applications and IT solutions that require future changes or customizations may not be good SaaS candidates.”

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