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“Use your network to put feelers out in the marketplace. Get the word out that you are looking to make a career change.”



Ten tips to make a career change in 2013  

2 January 2013


PA’s Julie Redfield, talent management expert, provides 10 tips to embrace in 2013 to help make a career change:

1)     Make a list of the pros and cons of your current job. Take the time to actually write them down and discuss them with a trusted confidante. This action will help you realise why you want to make a change, and what your new career needs are.

2)     Be honest with yourself on your true motivations for the new career. What inspires you to make this change? We all have different drivers, so it’s important to take the time to understand your true reasons.

3)     Make sure your desire to change jobs or careers is fact based. Changing careers is a major life decision and should not be taken lightly. Take the time to gather facts about your new industry, companies and the jobs you are researching.

4)     Discuss with your current manager the things that are making you unhappy. Most employers don’t want to lose good employees, and you might be surprised what changes your current company will make to accommodate you, perhaps even allowing you to make a career change within the company.

5)     Identify target companies and research them. Use social media sites to find out what employees are saying about the company, and try to find your own contacts within target companies.

6)     Talk to a trusted mentor to get advice. Make sure it is someone who knows you and is willing to give you honest and candid counsel.

7)     Find a recruiter who specialises in your field. Build a strong relationship with a least one recruiter, so they will get to know you; the more you know your recruiter, the better equipped they will be to find suitable prospects for you.

8)     Use your network to put feelers out in the marketplace. Get the word out that you are looking to make a career change.

9)   Join an association in your new field. You’ll meet industry contacts and learn more about the field.

10)  Be prepared to tell your story.  Don’t be afraid to tell people your true personal story and why you want a career change. Everyone can relate to the human side of career changes, so be clear and direct about you want and why.


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