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Usability: ‘Lovely software. But I can’t work it’ 

Jessica Twentyman
Financial Times, page 3
18 June 2009


In her article, Jessica Twentyman discusses everyday software struggles made more frustrating by detours and calls to help desks.

Rob Mettler, of PA Consulting Group says; "It is an idea that has yet to become mainstream for business software, says Rob Mettler, a user experience expert at PA Consulting, a management consultancy.

"Companies developing consumer products have to make them intuitive and simple to use, or they risk the wrath of consumers who are unable to use the latest must-have product, resulting in poor customer satisfaction, low advocacy and no follow-on sales."

“However, business software has often failed to adopt user-centred design techniques. When software is developed for employees, they aren’t treated as customers. They have to use the software, because they’re a captive audience, despite the fact that getting it right leads to benefits in productivity, turnover, efficiency, support costs, adoption, errors, and so on.” he says.


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