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The European model

Sarah Gordon

Financial Times

24 May 2014


PA talks to the Financial Times about European competitiveness. The article addresses Europe’s competitive advantage and explains that, in many areas of business, Europe is not only competitive but leads the field.

THe article explains some of PA's in-depth research on companies' global competitiveness: “The smartest countries are tailoring the levers. Countries with a clear industrial strategy target particular foreign direct investors, they develop trade prowess in certain sectors. They go to five multinational companies and ask, ‘How do I get you to invest here in the next five years?’”

PA believes one strategy is to focus on filling gaps in current capability – as Indonesia and China have done in attracting Airbus to invest. He argues that there is a need for a pan-European strategy to focus on developing sectors where Europe already has an advantage, such as pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity or life sciences.

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