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Thinking differently about sourcing [qDxsc35MX7I]
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Sourcing Advisory: getting to work on sourcing’s toughest challenges

The sourcing market is a noisy place. It’s teeming with ‘advisors’. Most can tell you how to let a contract and how to manage it. But how many can tell you how to build a sourcing strategy that gives you a competitive edge? Or how to repair and rethink a sourcing set-up that has gone seriously wrong?

This is what’s different about PA. That we know how to drive great sourcing deals is a given. Our real expertise lies in getting to grips with sourcing’s toughest challenges. 

We sort out the really messy situations that even the best businesses can find themselves in. And we take a strategic approach to developing the world-class services your business needs to operate at the top of its game.

Why else should you think about working with us?

We’re big: Our team of over 150 experts is among the largest in Europe. We lead the field in the UK and the Nordics. So we have the resources to take on the largest and most complex projects sourcing throws up.

We’re experienced: We have 20 years’ experience in the public and private sectors. So we know what works and what doesn’t. Our seasoned professionals can show you how to avoid the pitfalls and guide you to a sourcing solution that delivers for you.

We’re independent: We’re free of tie-ups with any large suppliers. So we can tell it how it is. Unconstrained by commercial partnerships, we tune in to your corporate ambitions and think about the best way to get you the exceptional business services you need.

Our Sourcing Advisory capability integrates with our Service Integration and Optimisation services to provide a comprehensive service. 

Our Sourcing Advisory services include: 

Defining strategy

We work with you to establish a clear picture of where you want your sourcing strategy to take you, and provide essential insight into different routes for getting there. 

Developing and finalising solutions 

We develop creative solutions that take advantage of the very newest technology and commercial applications. These include cloud deals, utility computing, application maintenance, fixed-price sourcing and outcome-based contracting.

We make sure the proposed solution is consistent with the strategic business case and prepare for transition to the new solution. Our services include contract negotiation.

Implementing solutions 

Many advisers exit once a deal is signed. We don’t. We work with you to make sure new sourcing arrangements run smoothly from day one, with minimum disruption to your business. We stay the course to ensure your new solution delivers the anticipated outcomes.

Improving services 

Once a new solution is in place, continuous improvement becomes the focus. We help you raise service levels through effective management. Where your existing solution is failing, we help resolve the situation, including identifying alternatives to contract exit.

To talk to one of our experts about your toughest sourcing challenges, contact us now.

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