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Thinking differently about sourcing [qDxsc35MX7I]
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Shared Services: navigating the journey to better, more efficient business services

Shared services have evolved. Once the focus was on what they could deliver for business – cost efficiency, flexibility, even innovation. Now what they can deliver for users carries equal weight – faster, easier-to-access services that cut time spent on non-value-adding, but business-critical, activities. 

PA can help you understand how shared services can deliver all of this for your organisation. Our focus is on finding the shared services solution that’s best for you. 

Many advisers have ties with business process outsourcers and service providers. This generates unhelpful ‘noise’ around their services. We tune that out. We’re free of any commercial partnership so you can be confident that we’re on your wavelength; the only agenda we work to is yours.

Our team’s expertise is grounded in industry experience. Our experts know first hand what it’s like to be part of an organisation where shared services are being implemented. Alongside this, we offer an unrivalled combination of functional insight, service provider knowledge and transformation expertise.

It’s almost always true that businesses can realise more value by increasing service integration. Our Shared Services capability helps you navigate the journey towards the best answer for your organisation, at a pace you are comfortable with. 

There are many ways to think about shared services, but three broad models to guide your thinking:

Functional shared services

Introducing functional shared services (where functional services teams define the services they offer and continue to report to the function head) provides an opportunity to streamline existing processes to achieve cost savings. We work with you to establish a new model for service provision or to achieve dramatic improvements in the performance of existing functional shared services arrangements.  

Multi-functional shared services

Implementing multi-functional shared services (where several functions share a management team, certain technology and usually some service delivery locations) provides greater scope for sharing overhead roles, assets and tools. It also establishes a service organisation that can be scaled up or down more easily. 

Integrated shared services

Establishing integrated shared services (where the service organisation operates as a business) allows organisations to develop end-to-end services, so that users have a single point of contact for accessing the services they need. This approach enables organisations to focus on continuous service improvements, and to take advantage of increased buying power to realise greater cash management and cost savings. 

We work with you to help understand the structure and culture you need to deliver excellent services for users, and the investment required to get the outcome you’re looking for.

Find out how we created a global business services organisation for Unilever.

To talk to one of our experts about cutting out the noise and navigating the journey towards better, more efficient business services,  contact us now.

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