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Thinking differently about sourcing [qDxsc35MX7I]
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Service integration & optimisation: realising the promise of outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming more complex, so achieving the results you want is getting harder. In a multi-sourced environment, getting suppliers to work together is the biggest challenge. 

If this is your experience, we’re on your wavelength. We know that suppliers prefer to work in their own bubbles. We know that contract terms can work against collaboration. And we know that, as a customer, your own outlook might need a rethink too.

Our Service Integration & Optimisation services are designed to help you get the performance you need from suppliers. We start from the premise that relationships are the key. We take on fundamental issues about how suppliers interact with each other. The end result is more than a quick fix. Our work produces sustainable, effective solutions that transform service integration.

Our Service Integration & Optimisation services integrate with our Sourcing Advisory capability to provide a comprehensive service. 

Our Service Integration & Optimisation services include:

Sourcing relationship management

To help you get the best out of your outsourced relationships, we focus on:

  • relationships: working out what you want from them and how you will measure success
  • people: establishing what roles and competencies each party needs to engage effectively
  • performance: getting commercial terms right and policing performance 
  • environment: building the culture and values necessary for good relationships.

Service integration

Our sourcing integration services get suppliers working together effectively in a service ecosystem to deliver seamless services. We work with you to:

  • develop a clear idea of what great looks like and what really works
  • help you understand how good you are at service integration and what you could do better
  • launch an ecosystem and make it work, either standing alongside you, or by providing a managed service.

Service turnaround

Do you have failing sourcing contracts? Our turnaround framework lets you establish quickly whether the best solution is to re-align or re-source.

We help you:

  • get to the bottom of contract failure/distress and make the right decision on whether to stick or quit 
  • work out the best options for turning services around
  • develop a practical strategy for making the necessary changes
  • stand by you to implement plans at pace, with minimum disruption to the business.

To talk to one of our experts about realising the promise of outsourcing, contact us now.

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