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Compelling customer insights


Unlocking the value in your customer data to grow revenue and margins 

To maximise revenue, you need to know which of your customers are profitable and which are not, why they buy, what they do and when, and why they leave. In other words, you need to turn customer data into insight that the front line can use.

We can collate and analyse data from all available sources to give you the insights you need, and help you to embed these insights in your decision-making processes and systems – allowing you to channel your efforts on the customers who count most. We always choose the techniques and tools that suit your needs – we don’t just pull out a standard toolset – and our analysis focuses on business outcomes.

This will help to increase both revenue and market share, as your propositions will be compelling to your most important customers. And that means more profit for your business.

We worked with a global financial services data provider to identify over £50m of new opportunities for the sales force, based on the combination and analysis of more than five different internal customer and external market data sets.

We are helping a wide range of clients, many of them household names, to: 

  • build new customer segmentation models that help them identify where they should focus their efforts
  • develop go-to-market strategies, highlighting the areas with the most important potential for market penetration, revenue growth and cost reduction
  • embed these and other models and strategies into existing processes and systems, so that day-to-day decision making supports their strategic objectives.

To find out how to maximise the value from your marketing strategy, please contact us now.

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