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Welcome to the era of the digital utility

Utilities are increasingly expected to deliver a level of service matching that offered by telecommunications and financial services providers – with the pressure coming in from customers and regulators alike. Utilities face increased pressure to standardise and streamline operations across the value chain, while ensuring reliable service.

In a highly connected, data-driven and service-centric new era, simply adapting the IT portfolio does not represent a sufficient response to such complex and unpredictable issues. Utilities must transform the entire business and enterprise IT architecture.

What does the new era look like?

  • Utilities constructing and operating new digital channels that are convenient, accessible, accurate and available on any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • Utilities having capable integrated systems and data that can cost-effectively satisfy regulator expectations, for instance, improving around safety and restoration.

  • Simulators, e-learning, and knowledge transfer being used to train the next generation of workers (to meet the challenge of 40% of current workers within utilities across the US retiring in the next few years).

  • The use of more sophisticated ‘digital’ technologies, melded with traditional engineering activities – smart meters, distribution automation and other interconnected technologies.

  • Mobile technologies creating new opportunities for enabling the field worker, and ensuring they have the right information at the right time and where they need it.

  • Automation advances within the distribution network - offering significant opportunities to improve operational efficiency, increase reliability, reduce losses and most importantly, improve the customer experience.

  • Utilities transforming into flexible, adaptable businesses - leveraging technology and big data to react quickly to a changing regulatory and market landscape.

To speak to an expert about how you can make your utility organisation fit for the digital age, please contact us now.

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