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Viewpoint on corporate environmental sustainability

Designing and implementing innovative environmental sustainability strategies and initiatives with public and private sector clients has been a feature of PA's services for over 20 years. This edition of Viewpoint focuses on what businesses can do in real terms to implement a pragmatic approach to environmental sustainability, and offers concrete examples of how fact-based analysis tied to corporate strategy can generate bottom-line results.

In the first article, PA experts draw on recent evidence to show how firms enhance shareholder value through delivery of environmental sustainability objectives, both in the short term in the form of reduced operating costs and in the longer term in the form of risk management.

The PA team goes a step further in the second article as they explore how systems thinking can manage complex combinations of environmental, social and economic risks, using collaborative problem solving to connect business outcomes to sustainability objectives.

Following this, environmental sustainability issues are explored in a series of sector-specific articles. PA’s energy sector experts bring clarity to environmental sustainability and the electric utility industry by addressing how it can meet the needs of customers, regulators and shareholders amid the uncertainty over carbon regulation. PA’s article introduces the concept of a corporate environmental sustainability maturity model for electric utilities, to guide decisions about capital investment, carbon management, energy efficiency and demand management.

PA’s leading authority on sustainable tourism illustrates how the travel and tourism industry has established itself globally as a leader through voluntary early adoption of environmental sustainability. Lessons drawn from the tourism sector are shown to be applicable to almost every tourism context.

In the fifth article PA’s IT sector team explain how organisations mature through three stages – eco-efficiency, eco-innovation and eco-collaboration – to become environmental sustainability leaders.

PA’s manufacturing sector experts provides an insightful view of how the quest for sustainability is changing the global manufacturing landscape.

Finally, our business transformation specialists introduce a feature unique to PA's cutting-edge analytical tools: the 'one-page strategy' planning framework. This technique helps to convert objectives and initiatives into logical priorities for action, complete with efficiency measures, key performance indicators and implementation insights. As a result, all stakeholders are drawn into the decision making process and feel they have a stake in outcomes; actions are clearly aligned to strategies through well-defined causal links; and a clear roadmap enables management to guide change and communicate success.

This Viewpoint showcases some of the best examples of vertical and lateral thinking on the subject of corporate environmental sustainability, and highlights a number of tested solutions. These suggested solutions will enable business managers, policy makers and implementers to plan socially responsible and financially rewarding environmental sustainability practices.

To receive a copy of our Viewpoint and create a sustainability approach that will guide your decision making, please contact us now

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