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Technology Growth Report: How to unlock sustainable growth in the UK

The view of over 100 leaders from the fastest-growing technology and innovation sectors.

There is a growing consensus across UK Government and business that growth in manufacturing and industry is vital for the UK’s sustainable economic recovery, and that technology and innovation will be key drivers of that growth.

Yet there is no consensus on the appropriate level of intervention required from Government, nor the appropriate roles of industry, academia, banks and venture finance in promoting UK growth. In recent months, a wave of policy pamphlets, articles, and ‘manifestos’ has been produced by commentators. But what do the people who actually work at the coalface in these key growth sectors want to see?

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Over the last six months, PA Consulting Group (PA) and George Freeman MP have held a series of ‘roundtable’ meetings to draw on the insights and practical experiences of leading scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders active in these key sectors. Over 100 leaders have come together to explore the key drivers, opportunities and challenges facing their sectors and to identify where they see the greatest opportunities for growth and what they believe needs to be done in their sector to unlock it.

The participants represented five of the fastest growing sectors and one focused on SMEs as key drivers of growth:

  • advanced manufacturing

  • life sciences and healthcare

  • consumer products

  • ICT and electronics

  • agri-science

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This report has been prepared by PA to summarise the discussions held at each roundtable. This is not a quantitative, analytical report. It attempts to capture the raw and authentic views as they were expressed at each sector meeting, and to present the range of priorities highlighted. Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly given the range of sectors covered, a clear consensus emerged around some common themes and recommendations for action that the assembled leaders want to see to unlock growth. These are:

  • Picking winning technologies and sectors 

  • Aligning organisations active in target areas

  • Encouraging entrepreneurs

  • Increasing excitement about the manufacturing industry

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