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Translational medicine ‘in action’: Success factors for NHS Academic Health Science Networks

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Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) are, we believe, vital for both the future of
healthcare delivery the world over, the global life science industry, and the UK economy.

The creation of 15 Networks across NHS England are charged with:

1. Identification and characterisation of the prioritised local unmet needs

2. Identification of and then accelerating the adoption of global innovations to improve local
patients' health and care

3. Building local health related partnerships and networks that deliver

4. Creating wealth from the local NHS asset base.

We believe that the AHSNs are critical to the NHS's ability to meet its new objective of creating wealth to help offset escalating costs, whilst at the same time ensuring patients get better care and better access to care.

Importantly the networks are also vital to the Life Science industries’ future ability to
conduct faster, more efficient and hence commercially relevant research.

To deliver the full ambitions of the AHSNs requires the bringing together of multiple
stakeholders – the NHS, academia, industry and investors. There is no doubt that creating this partnership is a cultural and organisational challenge. However, this is achievable. The example of the Mayo Clinic is testament to that.

We believe translational medicine (TM) is no longer a luxury for leading clinical academic centres but an imperative for all parts of the healthcare system. AHSNs hold out the promise of making TM the rule rather than the exception within NHS England, but it is not a foregone conclusion that they will fulfil that promise.

The videos above are of speakers at our 2013 Translational Medicine dinner which took as its main theme key success factors for AHSNs. The associated report from the event focuses on what we can all do to make the AHSN promise come true.

Enter your details in the form to the right to download a free copy of our report > 


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