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"The companies which continue to prosper in a zombie economy will be those which act now to reposition.” MARK THOMAS, PA STRATEGY AND MARKETING EXPERT AND AUTHOR OF ‘THE ZOMBIE ECONOMY'


How to win in the zombie economy

Many major economies are emerging from recession, yet it does not feel like a recovery. The effects of the global financial crisis are still being felt in four major sectors: banks, governments, companies and consumers. While, superficially, these groups may be returning to normal, they have in fact lost their ability to function and have become half-dead, half-alive zombie companies.  

‘The Zombie Economy’, written by PA's Mark Thomas, discusses the effect of these zombie companies on the economy and the challenges that they present. It outlines some challenging actions that business leaders need to take to survive in this new world.

To order your copy of 'The Zombie Economy,' please contact us now.

The zombie companies created by the global financial crisis will have an effect across the whole corporate landscape. As a result, we will see many losers but some big winners.

The winners will be those who understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the zombie economy, and take advantage of:

  • competitors failing in order to secure market share

  • changes in consumer buying behaviours in order to create a more competitive business model

  • the volatility in asset prices in order to acquire at the right time

To thrive in this recovery that feels like a recession organisations need to take action now to emerge as winners in the zombie economy.

To find out how we can help your organisation succeed in the zombie economy or order your copy of the book, please contact us now.

Andy Katz
Growth strategy
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Get your copy of the zombie economy

zombie economy book

Basing his thesis on the idea that the four pillars of economic activity - banks, governments, companies and consumers - are zombies, Mark Thomas argues that the economy itself is something of a walking corpse.


To order the book, contact us now

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