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The shifting need for customer intelligence

Twenty marketing executives from across different sectors met at an exclusive event held by PA to discuss the ever-changing need for customer intelligence in digital companies. Attendees heard from Tom Gerritsen, marketing intelligence manager, at Aegon and Roland Tabor, entrepreneur, and PA digital expert, Rob Mettler, facilitated a discussion based on PA’s Digital Barometer. During this debate participants were challenged to discover their organisation’s maturity as a digital business.

Key areas discussed at the event included:

Customer intelligence is shifting from analysing the past to acting on the future

Traditionally, customer intelligence has been part of business intelligence work executed at the end of the value chain to get insight on what has already happened. Instead of analysing the past it now focuses on what needs to happen to better service the requirements of customers – now and in the near future. Customer intelligence has become the starting point for deciding which actions to undertake or how to engage potential customers.

Modern customer intelligence capabilities are a throwback to the old days

In the past, a local merchant knew his customer base like the back of his hand. His service was personal and his offerings were always relevant. This purely personal interaction was lost with expansion and has been accompanied with generic offerings and standard service over the past decades. Modern customer intelligence is able to reintroduce relevant and personal interaction while maintaining the benefits of scale.

A 360 degree customer view is essential in making the customer feel recognised and valued

Whether a customer visits a physical store, buys online or calls for support, these are all channels part of the brand experience. Customers experience the company or brand as a single entity and are unaware of any internal divisions and silos. As a result, the customer expects their history of interactions to be known for each medium used.

Shifting customer intelligence needs a clear vision and strong leadership

A change in customer intelligence is much more than a simple realignment of your analytical capabilities. You need a clear vision to reimagine your entire business – your products, services and the way you communicate with customers. Overall, it is disruptive and requires a change in mindset. It needs a strong leader which has the courage to challenge conventional thinking.

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Mark Griep
Digital strategy
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