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The cost of introducing communications technology to other electronic devices has gone below the threshold required to make it viable for many applications.”


David Stansell, pa machine-to-machine expeRT


Mobile operators: Surviving and thriving in the new world of ‘machine to machine’

PA works with mobile operators to support the entire delivery chain for machine-to-machine (M2M) enabled solutions – from visualisation and proposition development, through device and IT systems development, to launch.

The world for mobile operators has changed dramatically in recent years. Embedded devices now communicate with each other across operator networks – whether carrying data from domestic smart meters to energy suppliers or from cars to motor insurers. Mobile operators sit at the heart of this interconnected world. The challenge of delivering new machine-to-machine enabled solutions is in contrast to their traditional business of selling packages of services associated with handsets or mobile devices.

How then do mobile operators re-shape their organisations to respond to changing market needs in an interconnected world? PA has both the in-depth expertise across many sectors and the breadth of functional insight required to help clients answer this question.

Strategy: we work with telecoms operators to look at how ‘machine to machine’ can be part of their growth strategy. We understand that, to deliver integrated solutions, a wide range of market players, from manufacturers and solutions vendors to telcos and infrastructure players, need to work together in a complex value chain. Our sector knowledge means we know which solutions will deliver value for companies operating in each sector and, just as importantly, which ones won’t.

In the field of smart transport and telematics, for example, we have been working in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), including supporting navigation, road charging and road safety initiatives, since the mid-1990s and have supported consortia, governments and suppliers in proving the technical solutions, obtaining finance and procuring suppliers.

Similarly, we are at the forefront of developments in smart meters and the smart grid, including supporting Ofgem during the preparation of its recent smart metering prospectus in the UK, developing a smart display for Onzo and evaluating communications technologies for a leading smart meter vendor

Sales: We partner with telecoms operators to help them respond to solution requests from their customers. We have supported the development of new and compelling machine-to-machine value propositions for telcos, supported bids by telcos and telco-led consortia, and helped with technical solution design and planning in machine-to-machine applications.

Delivery: We work with telecoms operators to deliver the solutions their customers are asking for. Our 150+ engineers at our world-class R&D facilities are already prototyping smart devices for a number of key sectors. In the mobile health sector, for example, where improved connectivity and handsets have the potential to improve patient outcomes significantly, PA is viewed as a world leader in developing smart healthcare technology. Our IT consulting teams are also working to revise the back-office systems of key players in order to make optimal use of the data delivered by smart technology.

Building an organisation to deliver in the unique machine-to-machine environment. Because of its multi-sector, multi-partner nature, machine to machine is effectively a new venture for mobile operators. To succeed in this new market, mobile operators will need to implement the right organisational design for the machine-to-machine business division, in order to extract maximum benefit from the parent telco.

To find out how PA can help your business succeed in machine to machine, contact us now.

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