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Exploring the Future of Care and Wellness  

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Tomorrow’s healthcare system will not be like today’s. The coming changes will be shaped by a myriad of influences: shifting preferences, innovative technologies, and new economic models, to name a few.

To seize opportunities in this emerging world, providers and payers will have to respond quickly and deliberately. Easier said than done. As we look to the future, there’s a not a moment to waste. The journey to reinventing healthcare begins now. 

We are exploring the future of healthcare through three lenses:

Reinventing Healthcare
Reinventing Healthcare - The hospital

By 2030, the number of healthcare workers will need to double to cope with demands

Care at home and in the community

Within 30 years, 40% of the population will be over 60

Reinventing Healthcare - Health and wellness

1 in 10 people globally will have diabetes by 2040

1. The hospital -
2. Care at home and in the community -
3. Health and wellness -


Where we're leading the conversation on Reinventing Healthcare

Cancer care event
Stroke event 2017
HIMSS event 2017
NHS expo 2017
AHIP event 2017
Bevan Commission Conference 2017

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At the heart of Reinventing Healthcare

We’re passionate about helping people and organisations embrace new opportunities in healthcare. And we’re uniquely positioned to solve the toughest challenges. Our distinctiveness is our people and approach. PA is expert in healthcare, life sciences and technology innovation. And our teams bring together scientists, clinicians, technologists and consultants. Get in touch to discuss Reinventing Healthcare. 

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