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Helping regulators unlock their full potential

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Regulators and the industries they supervise are under pressure from demands for greater transparency, enhanced consumer protection and better enforcement. Brexit has only increased that pressure dramatically. Regulators now need to respond in a context of significant uncertainty, while unpicking highly complex legislative and policy issues against a backdrop of potential economic downturn. 

PA experts in regulation discuss how to create lasting value through regulation

We’re the trusted advisor to over 30 European regulators. And through our work, we’ve tackled some big policy challenges, transformed the way regulators become part of the value chain, and provided innovative insights at the cutting-edge of regulatory thinking. 

Our relationships with the key European regulators provides us with the insights and experience to help your organisation achieve outstanding results. Our work includes: strategy and policy development; designing and setting up new regulatory bodies; improving operational efficiency, including through the deployment of new digital technologies; providing expert capacity for project-based work; and extracting and analysing data. 

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