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Regaining profitability by fixing low yield processes

Every manufacturer's profits have been hit hard by recent economic events.  In response labour has been laid off and manufacturing output cut. Despite the obvious financial pressure to improve, however, companies have failed to improve their low yield processes. .

This continues to plague all industries at every stage of the product lifecycle – at initial launch, through scale up, and even in mature processes where the resulting product might still be highly profitable.  Low yield processes are a company’s worst nightmare, they are costly to operate and provide an unreliable supply to customers. These processes produce high levels of waste, have poor equipment reliability, and utilise personnel poorly, which together produce an unacceptably low OEE.

Typically we find that low yield processes fall into two distinct categories: the fundamental science behind the process is poorly understood (“black art”) or the process machinery has been poorly specified – often caused by poor process understanding.

PA offers a manufacturing diagnostic service, combining technology and manufacturing consulting, to help clients understand their processes.We look at where your OEE is being hit hardest and look for improvement opportunities, prioritising them into quick wins and longer term solutions. PA uses a hands-on technology focused approach, deploying engineers and scientists to work with your manufacturing staff and understand the critical characteristics of your  process to enable evidence-based process changes and implement performance-improving solutions.

PA applies a wealth of cross-sector industrial experience, to your specific problems, allowing us to scale up a new process, design machinery and workstations, or help you understand and improve your current process. The result is improved yield and OEE enabling your company to enhance profitability in these challenging times.


To find out more about fixing low yield processes, please contact us now.

Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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