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"Organisations have to accept  that some attacks will succeed. However,  there is plenty that they can do to protect themselves. Small steps can make a big difference; there is no reason not to make a start today."

STEve bailey, PA cyber security expert


Tackling the challenges of cyber security: practical steps to securing your business in cyberspace

Cyber terrorism presents a very real threat to businesses around the world. So why aren’t they doing more to protect themselves?

Many organisations fail to act, at least in part, because they are bombarded by  media with stories of cyber 'Armageddon', which can cause many to grow numb to the threat or create inertia in terms of defining a strategy. There is a growing feeling that ‘we cannot do everything so may as well do nothing’. 

In reality, there is plenty businesses can do to protect themselves. Even a base level of intelligent security will, in most cases, be enough to deflect the vast majority of cyber attackers, who are largely opportunists.


For all businesses, it is essential to have a robust, integrated, business-led and risk-based approach to cyber security; one that inspires confidence rather than simply achieves compliance. Key considerations include:

  • scaling efforts in terms of what is at risk – if you are keeping £100,000 in cash in the garden shed, you would probably fit a better lock than if you were just keeping a rake in there. The same is true of your business

  • creating understanding amongst employees about their role in protecting business assets – a good cyber security culture means that people behave and think in the right way, and understand the risks of any actions they might take

  • getting the basics right – there are several relatively simple steps that every organisation can take to enhance its cyber security, beginning with the basics. Every extra measure strengthens an organisation’s security and makes it a little more difficult for attackers to penetrate. These should, as a start, include:

    • building a picture of where your data is stored, then protecting it based on its value to your organisation

    • implementing a password policy that requires and enforces strong passwords

    • only allowing access where there is a clear business need

    • requiring people to log in to systems as themselves ‒ destroy all anonymous or generic accounts.

PA’s cyber security experts work with a wide range of organisations to help secure their assets in the face of a rapidly evolving cyber threat. This has included defining a resilience strategy for a global retail bank to protect its products, service and brands, and securing business operations for a high-profile client dependent on continuous and secure connection of its systems to the internet.

To speak to one of our experts about how we can help your organisation develop an effective cyber security strategy, please contact us now.

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