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PA Consulting and 4D Biomedical Ltd

PA Consulting Group have today confirmed that the Collaboration between PA Consulting and 4D Biomedical Ltd, the Cambridge-based translational medicine advisory firm, has been wound up. 

Established in 2010, the Collaboration has seen PA Consulting and the 4D Biomedical team develop a number of groundbreaking projects in the rapidly emerging field of translational medicine, including a number of partnerships between hospitals, clinical scientists and industry partners. The Collaboration has been a great success and served our clients well.

4D Biomedical Ltd was founded by George Freeman, a Cambridge biomedical venture capitalist who stepped away from the business prior to being elected to Parliament in 2010. George Freeman has no ongoing commercial interest in 4D Biomedical Ltd.

Going forward, 4D Biomedical will operate as a Cambridge-based, not-for-profit, thought-leadership think tank for global leadership in translational medicine and continue its very successful, well-attended annual foresighting dinner in a Cambridge University College, with sponsorship from PA Consulting and other global industry partners.

PA’s global health and life science business continues to thrive and benefits from being able to advise and support clients with an intimate knowledge of all the key stakeholders across global health systems. Going forward, PA sees an increasing demand for translational services and support of a multifaceted nature, often with medtech at the heart of a converged drug/device/diagnostic solution.

For more information on PA and translational medicine, as part of the future of healthcare, please contact us now.

Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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