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Our future of healthcare report - placing the patient at the centre of healthcare

Download your copy of our future of healthcare report

Over the last 50 years, healthcare expenditure in the most developed countries in the world has risen at a rate 2% faster than GDP. In most of these countries, healthcare spending is now between 10 and 15% of GDP.

By 2030 the world population is expected to grow from 6.5 billion to 8.3 billion, global energy consumption will increase by more than 50% and demand for clean water will intensify on a similar scale.

As a result, healthcare systems worldwide must meet unprecedented challenges around demand and available resource. They are facing change as profound as the industrial revolution.

In our report on the future of healthcare, our experts focus on health reform, patient-centric healthcare and intelligent health and explore the likely impact of these trends over time.

We challenge traditional thinking on healthcare, drawing insight from governments, providers, payers, life sciences companies, new entrants, regulators and clinicians as well as the principal future commissioners of healthcare - the patients.

Download your copy of our future of healthcare report


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