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The new world of manufacturing: prepare your business for the productivity revolution

The manufacturing industry is going through a productivity revolution that will drastically change existing business models. Innovation in production planning, execution and control – combined with advances in robotics, additive manufacturing and machine-to-machine communication – is having a profound effect on the industry.

As a result, it is becoming common practice for manufacturers to offer personalised products, supply chains are relying on more intense and dynamic collaboration, and production is increasingly taking place in smaller, smarter factories located closer to the consumer.

To thrive in this environment, manufacturers need to anticipate the required changes and make crucial decisions about their strategy and future investments. They need to break through their traditional way of thinking and challenge their existing business models – and this requires an ‘outside-in’ perspective. Having better insight into market trends and emerging technology, and knowing what their peers are doing, will help them decide what action they need to take. In turn, this will drive the innovation the business needs to stay competitive in the fast transforming manufacturing industry.

At PA, our manufacturing experts work with manufacturers worldwide to help them update their business models and take advantage of the productivity revolution. Our approach is based on the proven reference framework we developed with Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading in the UK.

By scanning an organisation’s business model, we provide insight into how well it is performing, taking into account emerging trends and market activity, and providing recommendations on when, why and how to take action.

Organisations today cannot expect results from yesterday’s way of doing business – new technology and ways of doing business are already having a major impact, so anticipation and preparation are essential.  

To find out how you can prepare your business for the future, contact us now.

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