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New talent management research study: The CEO challenge

In almost every survey of CEO challenges, talent ranks among the top three. This is no surprise. For any business, having the right people on board and getting the best from them is fundamental to success.

But even though talent is at the top of the CEO agenda, little research has been done into why it has stayed there for so long. Why can't businesses find an enduring solution to the talent challenge?

A new research study by PA sets out to find out why talent has remained such a major concern for CEOs for so long. We are asking CEOs: ‘Is talent delivering for you?’ and will use the findings to show how talent expertise can best be directed.

Register your organisation’s interest in taking part in our CEO research study. >

Why take part?

If you are a CEO, our research study gives you the chance to:

  • find out how to manage talent to improve corporate performance
  • gain new insight into emerging talent issues
  • explore key themes from the research at a roundtable event for CEOs.

If you are an HR director, you will want your CEO to take part so you can get:

  • a clearer understanding of the CEO viewpoint
  • insight into where HR expertise needs to be directed to support the CEO agenda
  • details of how the support your team provides compares to other HR teams.

What’s involved?

Taking part involves a one-hour interview between the CEO and a senior member of the PA research team. We will also provide a short questionnaire for the HR director to complete. We will benchmark the responses against other research participants (on an anonymous basis) and include the findings with complimentary copies of the full research report for each participating organisation.

Discover our track record

Our ground-breaking research is one reason why PA is a leader in talent management consulting. We have produced several key pieces of substantial and highly practical talent management research examining the impact of talent management on corporate performance. Our newest study will become part of this important resource for major businesses.


To register your organisation's interest in taking part in our CEO research studycontact us now

Claire Logan
People and talent
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