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Hitting the right notes with your service provider relationships

There is a better way.

In today's environment, it takes constructive action to ensure that sourcing solutions keep pace with changing business goals. Organisations and their service providers need to find a common basis of discussion so that they can identify where the service provider is adding value and ensure that resources, commercial incentives and behaviours are aligned with what is really going to make a difference to the organization's business.

Are you giving contractual relationships the focus they require?

A failing relationship can cause service delivery to become less effective and more costly even when all contractual obligations are being met. Often the real problem lies in a lack of understanding of the most appropriate way of engaging with the service provider.

Are you undertaking regular relationship reviews to ensure good governance?

A relationship review is a checkpoint analysis of the current status of a shared services or outsourcing relationships between the organisation and their service providers.

PA has developed a unique process for quantifying and interpreting 3 key elements within a sourcing relationship which enables us to determine effectiveness & areas of improvements. Our approach characterises this relationship in a way that buildings understanding and alignment and provides the tools and capability to effectively develop and manage the long term-relationship.

To hear more on PA's methodology on sourcing relationships, please contact us now.


Peter Sirman
Shared services and outsourcing
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Jost Kamenik
Shared services and outsourcing
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