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An award winning Google partner

Building what's next with the power of Google technology


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Since 2011, PA has been one of Google's leading global partners, delivering amazing digital innovations for our clients.

With no set-up times, unlimited scale and low costs, Google technologies can change the way you prototype, build and launch new services into your Enterprise and for your customers. Combined with deep sector insight, our unrivalled expertise in Google’s tools allows us to harness these technology trends to shape the art of the possible for our clients.

To speak to a member of our team directly, please get in touch. 


Data Analytics Google Partner


We have an enviable track record of delivering award-winning solutions using Google’s technology. From BigQuery to Glass to Chrome, our teams have been involved in developing market-leading solutions for our clients.

Google page Drayson technology 300 x 140

Drayson Technologies

Saving lives by empowering communities to tackle air pollution through an IoT solution

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Google Work

Google Apps for Work

Modernising IT for health research in the UK for 10,000 people

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join dementia 300 x 140

Dementia research

Taking a critical step towards a cure for dementia

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RentoKil google page 300 x 140 px


Launching an award-winning Internet of Things cloud platform to handle 24 million messages a day

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Google Met Office

Cloud Platform – Met Office

Delivering a smart cloud-based global weather community in 150+ countries

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Google BigQuery

NHS - Analytics at scale

Reducing drug cost across the NHS across vast data sets

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Google JAM

Jam with Chrome

Working with Google to launch an award-winning global real-time music game

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Drayson POPUP 330x530

Drayson Technologies

From concept to reality in under 9 months 

Drayson Technologies conceived CleanSpace™, a portable personal air pollution sensor and app that gives you real-time personal data on your exposure and motivates you to choose non-polluting transport choices in return for rewards.

Drayson approached us to help them get the idea to market as quickly as possible. Assembling a multi-disciplinary team, PA provided Drayson with the commercial insight, technology expertise and scalable resource they needed to design and develop CleanSpace™ in an accelerated time-frame. This included co-developing the portable air-quality sensor, the smart-phone application and the cloud-based internet services required to register new users, track journeys, integrate air quality data and manage the rewards system. CleanSpace™ launched in London in the run up to Christmas 2015 and the community is growing fast with 58,000 members already generating on average 20 clean miles per person per week.

RentoKil google page 330 x 530 px

Rentokil collaboration

Rentokil, a world leader in pest control, had spotted the potential of the Internet of Things to improve services. The company want to roll out connected traps (fitted with a sensor that sends a message whenever a trap needs clearing) to 10,000 customer sites within less than a year. 

Working with our partner, Google, and using Agile techniques, our digital experts took just 12 weeks to develop and launch a new cloud platform to support the roll-out. The platform offers Rentokil infinite scalability for the future and, with this, the opportunity to explore new ways of using data to transform its business.

“We had huge confidence that PA could deliver for Rentokil – and that proved to be well placed. But the team’s thoughtful, creative and collaborative approach means we have ended up with something much more powerful than we envisaged at the outset. This platform provides extraordinary insight into our operations and our customers’ needs, and opens up new possibilities for future innovation.”

Paul Donegan, Director of IT, Rentokil Initial

Google BigQuery Popup

NHS - Analytics at scale

Reducing drug cost across the NHS

PA worked with QlikTech and Google Enterprise to develop a cloud-based intelligence tool that gives NHS England the power to analyse its data more efficiently - which in turn can help to improve health outcomes by quickly identifying trends, such as high mortality rates.

The tool's development brings together over 100 indicators from 15 different national sources, covering NHS England. By using Google Enterprise's BigQuery product and the QlikView Business Intelligence Discovery platform, we have improved NHS England's ability to assess performance within and across providers, spot trends and anomalies quickly, and actively manage the quality of care.

The winning solution is unique in that it not only co-ordinates automated data feeds for analysis and reporting, but BigQuery and QlikView allow the user to interactively explore the entire data set in real time.

Google JAM Popup

Jam with Chrome

We worked with Google to launch an award-winning global real-time music game

JAM with chrome is an interactive web application that provides a platform for musicians anywhere in the world to link up to play music together in real time using Google’s Chrome browser – you could say it reinvents band practice.

For JAM with Chrome to offer an enjoyable playing experience, there could be no delay between user clicking a button and hearing the sound online. As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, PA undertook extensive performance and latency testing. Our team’s software and application experts helped ensure the application would scale and perform globally at launch.

Within hours of launch, Jam with Chrome spread rapidly through blogs and the global media. It has since won a number of awards for Google.

Google MetOffice Popup

Cloud Platform - Met Office

Delivering a smart cloud-based weather community.

The Met Office is the UK's national weather service and have provided weather forecasts for over 150 years. The Met Office records weather observations from a network of over 280 observing stations across the UK. Since launch, Weather Observations Website (WOW) has built up over 100 million weather observations from over 150 countries.

By using a cloud-based solution, we helped the Met Office keep IT infrastructure investment to an absolute minimum. It also ensured a scalable solution that would automatically provision additional capacity during significant weather events and other high-demand periods, preventing the need for additional servers that would otherwise be under-utilised much of the time. In just five weeks from launch, WOW built up two million weather readings across the UK, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Google AppWork Popup

Google App for Work - National Institute for Health Research

Every year, the government invests over £1 billion in health and care research to improve treatments and services for NHS patients.

The new cloud-based platform, developed by PA for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), allows 10,000 researchers and staff to share data, results and ideas, hold video meetings, collaborate in real time and connect with other research teams across the globe. Users can access the Hub from any web browser or mobile device.

Customised by PA, the Hub is the largest UK implementation of Google Apps for the public sector to date. It is already delivering important benefits. For the first time ever, the Hub establishes a single directory of people working within the NIHR or on research projects funded by the NIHR. The Hub provides over 1,000 times the storage of the old system and has reduced the NIHR’s annual running costs for its collaboration platform by around 50%.

The launch of the Hub has produced a massive increase in the number of people using the NIHR collaboration platform – only 10% of possible users actively used the old system, but this has increased to 50% on the Hub.

Google AppWork Popup

National Institute for Health Research - Join Dementia Research

To help match interested volunteers with dementia research groups, we developed a public-facing web portal, Join Dementia Research, on behalf of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and its partners, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

We applied our extensive expertise in agile delivery and business change to create a portal in just 16 weeks. Our agile approach included giving research groups and potential volunteers the opportunity to feedback on each new version of the portal, and scheduling development work around a series of fortnightly ‘sprints’ to drive the project forward. We also used cloud technologies to provide a solution that would work for the dispersed research groups. This will also help keep running costs for the portal low and allow it to be easily scaled up in future.

Within a month of the portal’s formal launch, over 5,000 volunteers had registered their interest in being part of research studies, and more than 80 research organisations were using the site to link up with over 6000 volunteers. By bringing volunteers and researchers together, we are helping to move a cure for dementia one step closer.

Google image 1 300x300
Google image 2 300x300
Google image three 300x300

Our teams have extensive experience of using Google technology. We have one of the largest pools of Google talent and early access Trusted Tester status, so no matter what your challenge, we will have a team of experts who can help.

We specialise in Internet of Things, App Engine, Cloud PubSub, Compute, BigQuery, Cloud End Points, Datastore, Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Storage

We are delighted and proud that Google have recognised the strength of our relationship by awarding us with a number of awards that acknowledge the leading-edge nature and breadth of our work.

Google has also allowed us to work on a number of their products prior to their official release in order to explore the full potential of their tools.

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Google gp-2012 logo
Dan Rossner

Dan Rossner
PA Digital expert

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James Mucklow

James Mucklow
PA Digital expert

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