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Ensure your organisation’s ability to execute projects

Every year Nordic organisations spend many resources on Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. Some are pleased with the results they get; PPM solutions can help organisations manage time, cost and resources more efficiently and the investment in project and programme management often results in high value. However, others are disappointed with their choice of solution. This disappointment is often a result of a gap between the organisational needs and what the solution actually provides. For example, purchasers might discover that the solution chosen is less user-friendly than anticipated or that the technology is less flexible. 

Because of the investment associated with a PPM solution, organisations often have to continue with their chosen product for several years. PPM solutions cannot be switched on a whim, so the decision on which product to buy needs to be right. The right solution is vital to ensuring effective project- and programme execution.

To help you select the PPM solution that matches your needs, PA has evaluated 10 of the most widely used PPM solutions in the Nordic market. This survey can help you decide which products to consider whether you are introducing a PPM solution for the first time or in the process of replacing an old one.

Project Portfolio Management PPM Survey

Discover current trends within PPM and select the right vendor

Insights from our Nordic PPM survey


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PA has identified the strengths of each solution in order to help organisations select the best product according to the requirements set forth. For instance, if your organisation wants a standard product rather than a configurable one, then subsequently a low score in the configuration category is probably acceptable. 

Programme management has been part of PA for 70 years, from the very beginning of our firm.

Today, PA delivers complex change programmes and helps organisations transform the performance of their project organisations. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for programme management and we help management understand their needs to meet their specific challenge and build a tailored approach to make it happen.

PPM solutions continue to evolve. Through the data collected for this survey and our own experience in the market, PA has identified a number of trends set to shape project and portfolio management in the years ahead. For organisations choosing a PPM solution, it is worth bearing these trends in mind.

PA believes that the combination of vendor evaluations and identified trends will provide a useful basis for choosing your next PPM solution. Please do get in touch to get to know more about our survey and the work that we do within Project- and Portfolio Management.

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