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"Companies need to think about the risks they face and develop a genuine long-term energy strategy that provides a clear context for their activity and gains support at the highest level within their firms and maybe even consider their own on or off-site production of renewable energy."

Mark Livingstone, PA Energy Expert

UK electricity market reform: could becoming a green business help you shelter from the gathering energy storm?

It is estimated that the UK will need to invest £110 billion over the next 10 years to meet its requirements for low-carbon electricity and achieve carbon emissions reduction targets. As a result, energy prices fr businesses and consumers are expected to rise.

The UK government's electricity market reforms (EMR) are designed to ensure that the lights stay on and the cost of energy is manageable for consumers while cleaner electricity is created to help tackle climate change.

Mark Livingstone, PA energy expert, explains the implications of EMR and suggests how better energy management can help businesses, as major consumers of energy, prepare for reform.

For more of our thinking in this area, please read: 'How businesses might shelter from the gathering energy storm'.

To find out how our green business expertise can help your organisation profit from EMR, please contact us now.

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