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The digitisation of healthcare

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads – facing monumental changes brought on by an aging population, significant changes in regulation, as well as rapid advances in technology that enable new care regimens and improved health for patients.

As healthcare organisations look to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities, technology will increasingly play a critical role. To illustrate with a few examples:

  • Enabling improved coordination of care through secure exchange of health data

  • Connecting remote patients with world-class practitioners through virtual health technologies

  • Helping healthcare professionals analyse large data sets to make decisions on improving care quality.

At PA, we are very excited about the opportunities presented by technological progress to improve healthcare outcomes and are ideally positioned to support healthcare leaders in transforming the performance of their organisations and navigating this evolving landscape. We work closely with organisations to challenge their existing approach and help them make the organisational, process and cultural changes they need to embrace digital healthcare.

Virtual health strategy: we worked with Catholic Health Initiatives and the NHS to help them plan the introduction of integrated telehealth services that will address rising costs and clinician shortages.

Business and organisational transformation: we are working with a major home care provider to transform their IT and business organisations as they respond to the changing regulatory landscape and need for greater coordination of care with healthcare partners. On the technology front, this work includes upgrading their technology infrastructure, defining robust data architecture for the future and selecting next generation IT solutions for meeting business needs.

Creating new care models: such as population health management – we draw on our varied expertise in healthcare, business intelligence, process and financial analysis to improve organisations’ access to vital business information through better technological and organisational processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Digital capacity management: we worked with one of the largest healthcare businesses in the US to help them develop the capacity needed to use more digital imaging, video and big data in care delivery.

Vendor sourcing and management: we provided expert advice to a leading health plan, helping it appoint the vendor it needed meet the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act while attracting new members.

Biopharma solution development: we have worked with multinational pharmaceutical companies to develop the capabilities, organisational structures and processes required to develop drug-delivery devices integrated with IT – giving patients better care and improved quality of information.

To speak with one of our experts on how to make your healthcare organisation fit for the Digital Age, contact us now.

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Chris Steel
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