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Devolution unlocked

Transforming public services

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New leadership

New relationships

New powers

Traditional arrangements of top down leadership will have to give way to systems and networks where people at various levels will need to have a strong sense of ownership, responsibility and shared accountability. 

The key to successful devolution is a successful local economy. That involves the private and public sector organisations working well together. It involves finding innovative ways of running services and using new technology to make them as good as they can be. It means forming new relationships and partnerships – with business models that clarify incentives and accountability.

The power of local decision making is that those affected are involved. Local stakeholders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate that local people making local decisions is the most effective way to protect the vulnerable, promote wellbeing and create economic growth. The better everyone makes this work, the more freedom local people will have in future to shape their local economy and services.

What's new

Devolution: the local English revolution

Our views on overcoming challenges to devolution.

PA’s Andrew Hooke, head of government, and David Rees, local government expert, say we need to rethink ways local public services are provided in Local Government News.

From economic development to technology opening up opportunities for citizen-centric public services, our experts discuss solutions.

Read more

At our recent event in Manchester, the great and good from different sectors talked about how to make devolution a success. Fired up by some subversive insights into the city’s past, present and future from long-time resident and punk rocker John Robb, they shared their visions for devolution. As the panellists talked, a theme emerged around weaving the various sectors together to form a rich tapestry of public services. But can it be done?

Read our insights from the event

Unlocking Devolution: What are the keys to success? [jYkyKS9HNqE]

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David Rees

David Rees
PA government expert

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Andrew Healey

Andrew Heley
PA government expert

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