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"By developing social intelligence, companies can understand what they should be listening to, how it can be interpreted, and how they can use it to make money in new ways"


Contagion in Europe: is your business prepared?

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Political instability in Italy, a dramatic banking crisis in Cyprus, crippling unemployment in Spain and the rise of nationalist parties across Europe – the crisis in the Eurozone continues. A default by one of the Eurozone’s weaker members remains a very real possibility and – if it comes to pass – could trigger economic, social and political shockwaves right across the region.

As a business leader how can you prepare an effective response? Do you have a plan of action to mitigate the threats to your business that will arise in the event of a default? And are you ready to seize the opportunities that will inevitably accompany crisis and subsequent contagion?

At PA, both our general analysis of the benefits of scenario planning in the lead-up to the global financial crisis in 2008 and more recent specific analysis of the risks in the Eurozone show that fact-based analysis of the problem offers a solid foundation for preparing an effective response to events as they unfold.

Fill out the form on the right to download a free copy of our report, ‘Contagion in Europe’, to find out how to prepare to manage the unthinkable. > 

Our report shows how a fact-focused approach can help you to:

  • narrow down the range of possible scenarios dramatically (and cut through many of the flawed ideas about the causes of the Eurozone crisis)

  • understand the potential for contagion following a default and the impact of economic, social and political turmoil across the Eurozone

  • assess the threats and opportunities that would result from Eurozone fragmentation, and make effective plans to position your business as a winner as the crisis is resolved.

To speak to one of our experts about our analysis of contagion in Europe, or to find out more about managing uncertainty, contact us now

Andy Katz
Growth strategy
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