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Competition in the German gas market: five strategic priorities for market players

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The introduction of competition to the German gas market demands a fresh strategic response from utilities and wholesale companies. Many are adjusting their organisational structures and portfolios in order to become more competitive, not least because some are at risk of making a loss on every unit of gas they sell.

In making these strategic adjustments, participants in the German gas market must ensure they can meet the key requirements for sustainable success.

Five strategic priorities

Following research among utilities operating in the German gas market, we recommend that, to achieve a competitive edge, market players adjust their approach to sourcing and sales, portfolio management, risk management, organisational structure and market strategy. Specifically, we suggest five strategic adjustments:

  • match pricing levels as well as mechanisms across sourcing and sales contracts in order to reduce risk exposure and promote competitiveness

  • manage gas and customer portfolios, aligning pricing, sourcing and sales strategies effectively to enhance value generation

  • adjust energy risk management to new regulatory and market requirements, with a particular focus on core trading processes, reporting and trading strategy formulation, and align with liquidity versus equity strategy of the individual company 

  • transform not only gas and customer portfolios, but also organisational structures and culture to support shorter time-to-customer cycles, processing times aligned with market and customer requirements and overall greater market responsiveness

  • make proactive strategy definition and responsiveness to market changes a core element of corporate culture.

Expert support for strategic decision making

PA has extensive consulting capabilities in the energy sector and a successful track record of helping energy clients in key areas of strategic decision making and commercial advisory, risk management, organisational design and transformation.  

To find out more about how PA can help you develop the right strategic response to competition in gas markets, please contact us now.

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