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Auto injectors: developments and future trends

The market for auto injectors is growing rapidly. This article discusses the user and business benefits driving this growth, the current state of auto injector technology, and the potential directions for the market in the future.

An auto-injectors are devices that completely or partially replace the activities involved in parenteral drug delivery from a standard syringe.

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Typically these include removal of the protective syringe cap, insertion of the needle, injection of drug and possibly removal and shielding of the used needle. In the context of this article auto injectors are considered as distinct from the class of multiple, variable dose pen injectors commonly used for insulin administration.

Auto injectors offer wide-ranging benefits to both users and businesses. Growing concern over the hazards associated with needlestick injuries and a realisation of the benefits offered by drug delivery devices has stimulated a period of rapid growth in the market for single use, disposable auto injectors. This been accompanied by a resurgence in the market for reusable devices.

It is likely that there will be continued growth in next few years in the variety of auto injectors on the market, with competition to meet requirements spurring innovation in new therapy areas.

The deserved success of auto injectors is underpinned by the principles of quality, safety and efficacy and will certainly continue to be an important part of patients’ lives, particularly those who enjoy the benefits of taking an active role in their treatment.

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