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make the artificial real

Artificial intelligence and automation

Artificial intelligence and automation

The humanisation of technology

Humans are interacting with technology in ways we used to only dream of. Take any science fiction book, and you’ll easily find the parallels with technology that’s now in use today. Advances in AI and automation technology, the digitisation of assets and processes, and the proliferation of data are fundamental drivers of change in organisations and society as a whole.

Our experience helping clients tackle their most difficult challenges has demonstrated time and again, that rarely is there a problem that technology alone can solve. The outcome of these changes are not pre-determined by technology. Our actions define the process and results that these incredibly powerful technologies will achieve.

Looking at the combination of changes – in technology, demographics and socio-economic development – the greatest risk we see for organisations is inertia.

It’s time to make the artificial real.

The greatest risk to organisations
is inertia 

The current AI hype is creating confusion and inflated expectations. Short-term disappointments will inevitably follow. This will cause some organisations to take a ‘wait and see’ approach towards AI and automation – which is a mistake.

As with digitalisation, early movers will gain strong advantage. It is essential to start building a capability around automation tools, machine learning, and advanced data analytics that can be a key differentiator in the short term, and that will be a necessity in the long term.

The only way to learn how the new technologies and new possibilities best complement your goals, your culture and your strategy is to start experimenting with different options. Over time, you can build an organisation that is ready for the future.

What choices will you make?

Read the first in our 'Make the Artificial Real' series  Read more >

Our approach

We’re excited about the future. We are optimistic about the power of technology, yet we’re realistic about the challenges ahead.

Whether you are in the early stages, or are already using AI and automation, we have the understanding and the practical experience to help you achieve your goals.

We have worked with AI and automation technologies hands-on for years, from robotic process automation to advanced machine-learning analytics. Supported by broad and deep science and innovation expertise in our Global Technology Centre.

Our proven approach helps you to move iteratively between strategy, experimentation and full-scale implementation. And we help you look not only at the technology, but also your organisation’s culture, people and strategy, so you can realise the full potential of AI and automation.

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It is time to start thinking about what AI and Automation can do for your organization, and how your organization can use AI to make a positive impact for your customers and employees.

Read the first in our 'Make the Artificial Real' series  Read more >

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