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"5th Generation will be the next big in mobile communications, and a chance for Europe to lead the way."

Steve Crammond, PA Wireless Technology  SPECIALIST

PA Consulting seeks Consortium Partners for 5G research collaboration

Leading management and technology consulting firm, PA Consulting Group, are seeking European partner organisations to join a consortium for the development of a 5th Generation mobile test platform focusing on advanced mm wave MAC and PHY techniques.    

Horizon 2020

The European Commission plans to run a “Fifth Generation Mobile” research programme within “Horizon 2020”.

PA Consulting Group has been at the forefront of developments in 2G, 3G and 4G, has successfully run a similar FP6 programme, and is now seeking partners for collaboration under the Horizon 2020 framework.

Seeking complementary expertise

PA has a specialist technology team, with around 50 staff focused on wireless and related communications developments.

We are now looking for expressions of interest (EOI) from organisations across Europe, from SMEs, academia, operators and vendors with skill sets including:

• System level propagation modelling and simulation
• Advanced computing platforms (targeted at SDR/SDMs)
• Networking architecture & MAC design (distributed scheduling, CRN and SDN)
• Physical layer algorithms ( e.g. 3D and un-coherent MIMO, massive array processing, non-orthogonal signalling)

We particularly seek organisations that have a strong interest in novel techniques in these areas, and bring a similar level of commercial engagement with the programme objectives.

PA envisages being the Consortium Leader, bringing our management skills to bear to ensure a good value project, and also delivering technical input as a consortium member, focusing on some of the signal processing aspects.

Opportunity and next steps

Horizon 2020 has a deadline for bids around September 2014.  We would welcome EOIs from other parties. 

For more information, or to discuss your contribution, please contact us now.


Tim Devine
Wireless telecommunications
contact us now

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