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"If servicemen and women are to have the equipment and support they is essential that everyone involved in acquisition delivers better value for money and greater pace.''
victor chavez, deputy ceo, thales uk and
co-chair ndic strategy group on tlcm

4D: new perspectives on defence

ISSUE 1 – 2009

To request a copy of 4D: New perspectives on defence, please contact us now.

4D Issue 2 is now available – click here to find out more

The pressure on UK defence has increased even further in the last few years. Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have stretched the armed forces and their supply chains, while financial constraints have made life in the MOD and defence industry increasingly difficult. It is widely accepted that the defence budget is severely overheated, especially now that the Treasury reserve funds to support operations are being constricted, with the MOD being asked to find the difference between what is being spent and what is currently funded. The withdrawal and recuperation from Iraq will add further pressure.

Against this backdrop, the pace of transformational change has continued, not least in acquisition. As always, there are some major equipment programmes in the pipeline which are critically and urgently needed. Yet they all face significant challenges of effective partnering and alliancing, timely decision making, and the need to ensure probity whilst securing the best possible value for money. For both potential and current suppliers to the MOD, this presents a major strategic issue, especially during a recession.

Our defence journal 4D: new perspectives on defence brings together insight and experience from across and outside the defence community, providing food for thought and new ideas for the challenges and issues that are facing UK defence.

In this issue of 4D:

  • creating greater agility in the equipment programme – Nick Newman, PA Consulting Group

  • driving value in a non-competitive environment – Ed Savage, PA Consulting Group

  • reducing acquisition costs – what defence industry needs
    from the MOD
    – Victor Chavez, Thales UK

  • the mobile experience – lessons on faster acquisition from the telecommunications world – Brendan Lynch, Meteor Mobile Ltd

  • top tips – collaborative negotiation – Jonathan Evans, PA Consulting Group.

To request a copy of 4D, or to speak to one of our defence experts, please contact us now.

4D issue 1 – click here to download.

4D issue 2 – now available – click here to find out more.

Nick Newman
Defence and security
contact us now
Ritu Sharma
Defence and security
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