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Ensuring safe and sustainable roads

Economic growth, expanding market places and increased mobility have placed an increasing strain on our road network. Congestion has spread from a few major cities across a greater proportion of the network.

As this occurs, the environmental impacts of road travel continue to increase and initiatives to maximise patronage on sustainable transport modes are required.

We work with our clients to:

  • Develop new initiatives – we explore alternative scenarios of possible initiatives, and help our organisations to understand the direct and the wider impact of new policies.
  • Plan and manage investments – we ensure the large amount of road infrastructure and/or vehicle assets our clients own are managed in the most effective way.
  • Improve asset utilisation – we use new technology to help road authorities and fleet managers minimise the impact of downtime through contingency planning.
  • Make decisions strategically – we use the data generated from in-vehicle telematics and remote vehicle sensing devices to support better operational and strategic decision making.
  • Develop strong business processes – our experience ranges from IT strategy to implementation, and from evaluating new financial platforms to optimising financial control.
  • Make roads safer – we ensure compliance with transport regulation, such as vehicle or fuel duty, to ensure no revenue is lost.  


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Charlie Henderson
Road consulting
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