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Policing and justice


Policing in the UK is undergoing fundamental change in the face of pressures from all sides. The changing nature of crime, the opportunities and risks presented by new digital technologies and spending cuts are galvanising forces to re-think their policing models.  The introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners, the National Crime Agency and the College of Policing are also starting to have profound and far-reaching effects on the policing landscape.

We have extensive experience in helping police forces to transform their operations and to do so supported by new technology. This includes working with the Home Office, Police and Crime Commissioners, law enforcement organisations and representative policing bodies on major change projects. We also work across the justice system in the UK, Europe and the Gulf, supporting digital transformation and improved performance.

Our latest updates

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How the UK public feel about cybercrime and our proposal on how the UK police can shape and develop new capabilities to tackle it.

PA insight

Reforming the Home Office: We were hosting Reform think tank and the Home Secretary
PA was pleased to host Reform think tank and the Home Secretary, Rt. Hon Theresa May MP. The Home Secretary gave a major speech on her priorities for Home Office reform in the next Parliament, which included announcements on plans to extend Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) powers to fire services and police complaints, and to work with police chiefs and PCCs to explore scope for further collaboration to tackle crime threats. The transcript and a video are available here.

Neil Amos – PA expert in policing [oorXSvt20vo]

Our policing and justice related work includes:

  • Developing business cases that lead to real benefits - We have worked with national policing bodies in England, Wales and Scotland to develop key business cases. Our work includes supporting the NPIA on IMPACT and PND, working with several forces on automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), and with the Metropolitan Police on call handling, vehicle-based mobile data and HR transformation.
  • Making savings while maintaining public confidence - We have delivered substantial cashable savings while maintaining and improving service quality in policing and the broader criminal justice community. Our work includes identifying savings in volume crime operations for a major police authority, improving corporate support services and embedding processes for control rooms and call handling in three of the country’s largest police forces.
  • Implementing cost-effective procurement and sourcing - We have considerable experience of advising on procurement strategy, category management, client-side advice, e-procurement systems and contract negotiation. Our clients have included the Metropolitan Police and NPIA (on IMPACT) and we have supported the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in launching an eAuction Centre of Excellence.
  • Supporting policy-making and driving innovation - We have been integral in supporting policy-making and innovation in policing, including producing the ‘Diary of a Police Officer’ for the Home Office (which helped shape debate on bureaucracy in policing); and developing the ANPR programme (which transformed police intelligence from vehicles). We produced the national guidance on performance management and collaboration, advised Home Office and related agencies on strategy across the wider criminal justice system and worked at a strategic level with policing departments and agencies on new policing bodies.
  • Setting up the right organisation design and commercial models - We work with police forces to support organisational design and business modelling. Our work includes advising the Home Office on the development of, and refinements to, the Police Funding Formula and supporting the British Transport Police in a review of its organisational structure. We were integral to transferring highways responsibilities from police to the Highways Agency and have advised the police Workforce Modernisation Programme.
  • Exploiting IT and information management - We support police forces on both client-side and supply-side ICT programmes. Our police-related work includes a major second generation ICT outsourcing and transition, a strategic review of critical ICT contracts, developing an ITIL-based Service Catalogue for ICT services and managing integration of back-office systems.
  • Making the most of intelligence - We work extensively in the intelligence area of policing. Clients and assignments we are able to publicise include working for NPIA on IMPACT, developing a target operating model for a confidential client, transforming operations to process, search and share data more effectively, working on the Scottish Intelligence Database and supporting several forces around ANPR.

To find out how we can help you meet your policing and justice ambitions, please contact us now.

 > Criminals aren’t held back by organisational boundaries – so why are the police?
The NCA prepares itself to become operational and fight crime at both a local and global level.

> The Guardian, How IT can light up policing, 19 December 2013
Neil Amos and David Paul, PA policing experts, participated in a Guardian roundtable discussion on the role IT plays in policing.  

> Policing in 2020: roundtable discussion
PA Consulting Group and Policy Exchange recently published a paper based on their joint Policing 2020 research project. The main themes discussed were the police mission, responsibilities along with delivery and governance.

To find out how we can help you meet your policing and justice ambitions, please contact us now.

To find out how we can help you meet your policing and justice ambitions, please contact us now.


Neil Amos
Neil Amos
Policing and justice
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