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policing, justice and borders

The difference we make

We help you plan the changes you need to make to respond to shifting demand, new technologies and tighter budgets – and help you put your plans into action. 

Our experience spans policing, security, justice and borders. That means we offer rich insight that few others can rival. 


PA opinion

  • Cybercrime tipping pointCybercrime tipping point - Public perceptions survey report 20/10/2015
  • Policing in 2020: roundtable discussion PA Consulting Group and Policy Exchange recently published a paper based on their joint Policing 2020 research project. The main themes discussed were the police mission, responsibilities along with delivery and governance. 20/10/2011

PA in the media

What we can do for you

Whether you’re involved in preventing and detecting crime, administering justice and supporting victims, rehabilitating offenders or securing national borders, we can help.

We tackle complex problems at every level, from national organisations through to local force level. We offer innovative thinking backed by a down-to-earth understanding of how to implement change successfully in this environment. 

Here’s what we can do:

  • Making the case for change
    We help you explore your options and build your business case. We were the first consultancy firm to be accredited by HM Treasury as a ‘Better Business CasesTM’ training organisation, and have delivered some of the most complex cases in policing and emergency services
  • Reshape your organisation and the way you work
    We’ll show you how to re-design your organisation to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment.  Or how better collaboration can help you increase efficiency and improve services.  We work right across the policing and justice system and with other emergency services.
  • Choose, implement and deliver new technology
    We help replace outdated core systems and introduce digital technologies. We’ll make sure you get operational improvements alongside real value for money and we’ll see your delivery right through to completion.
  • Enable your transformation programme
    We run programmes, restructure workforces and help change behaviours. We know how to make change stick and can help you achieve tangible operational and financial benefits. 

Better Business Cases™ is a trade mark of Her Majesty's Treasury. All rights reserved. 

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We know that every agency and local area is different so we won’t use standard models or give you a stock solution. We bring insight from deep expertise in this area that enables us to quickly get to know your specific challenges and vision for the future. And we’ll work alongside you to get you to where you need to be.


Find out more about our work in Government and public sector.

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